Tips On How To Cut Tongue Groove Joints

To be honest, Cut Tongue & Groove Joints form durable, interlocking joints along with many glue surface intended for a variety of woodworking purposes: cabinet doorway joints, self- moving, web or face frames, shelf edging, and in some cases carcass set up.

You will find DO-IT-YOURSELF applications regarding this particular joint as well, for example V-groove wainscot and / or wood flooring. Slicing the particular narrow centered groove and even the particular corresponding tongue in order to fit in it will not have a dado blade plus table-saw.

You will go through successfully almost all in the router table very easily through “Straight bit and Rabbeting Bit” methods. This is how.

Straight Bit & Rabbeting Bit

Action: One:

In most cases, it really is simpler to cut groove involving the T&G joint initially, after that mill the particular tongue in order to fit the groove. The 1/4 inch straight bit and even spiral up-cut bit can make a perfect groove-cutter in to the edge of any work piece.

Tag your work piece having a few brief research lines for centering the particular bit on the density of the wooden. Hair-splitting precision is not important right here you require for all of them in close proximity. Set up the straight bit in your current router table, and then increase this regarding 1/4 inch.

Action: Two:

You have to press the particular stock via the bit utilizing mild feed velocity. As soon as you have finished the very first pass, clean out any kind of particles through the groove, after that switch the particular work piece end for end and create another pass.

2 passes will make sure which the groove is completely centered. Right now, increase the bit regarding 1/8 inch each time and replicate the procedure until you achieve the groove level you would like.

Action: Three:

You are executed along with the straight bit; therefore move in order to the rabbeting bit. However, set up the suitable sized bearing on the particular bit. You would like the range through the bearing’s rim towards the edge from the cutters to complement the tongue size you make.

Set up the bit, and change the router table’s fence therefore the faces tend to be flush along with the bearing rim.

Action: Four:

The clearest, most secure method is to mill, tongue would be to rout aside the waste materials just a little in a time and never having a few weighty passes. Reduced the particular bit therefore simply 1/8 inch approximately of the cutters tend to be over the table.

Once again, use a feather-board to maintain the work piece on track whilst you slip this together the fence. Create 2 passes more than the bit 1 into each and every face of the work piece in order to form the rough tongue form.

Action: Five:


Whenever the tongue almost suits the slot, utilize the grooved work piece in order to dial in the last bit elevation. Increase the bit until it finally simply intersects the particular bottom wall of your groove, and create 2 much more passes in order to shave the main tongue in order to last thickness.

Action: Six:

You have to Test-fit the particular joint. The components ought to slip along with the bit of rubbing; however, it must not get pressure. In case the tongue continues to be as well snug, after that attempt operating the tongue work piece more than the cutters yet again time without having altering the bit elevation whatsoever.

Push down more solid whenever feeding the wooden together. Frequently this really is almost all it requires in order to whisk off the final bit of waste materials and enhance fit.

Andrew D. Kahler

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