Floating Markets – Specific Culture Of Waterways Area

If someone asks me: “which places are worth to visit in the Southwest of Vietnam?”, then I can give him the right answer and I am sure that everyone will agree with that: FLOATING MARKET.

Floating market not only attracts tourists by its specific culture, it is also abundant in tropical produce which is showed and sold in boats and canoes.

Cai Rang Floating Market

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Cai Rang is one of the biggest floating markets and it is one of the most exciting attractions in Can Tho. Floating market is a cutural speciality of Mekong Delta which attracts many tourists, especially foreigners.

Specializing in selling kinds of fruit which are specialities of Mekong Delta, it is also a wholesale market which sells both wholesale and retail kinds of fruit and agricultural products. This place focuses on goods in big quantitities.

If local and people and neighbor usually carry agricultural products in medium canoes or junks to sell there, trader usually use big boats to buy fruits and sell all over in Vietnam, even in Cambodia and China.

Located on Cai Rang River and far away about 6 kilometers from Can Tho City, Cai Rang floating market is one of the interesting destinations which tourists cannot miss as coming to Can Tho.

Only takes about 30 minutes from Ninh Kieu Quay by boat, tourists can enjoy floaty feeling on canoes, mix with bustling atmosphere of market, find out the life of families with many generations living on boats, enjoy the sweet and delicious of local specialities which are granted by nature, as well as make friendship with plain, friendly and sentimental Western people.

Coming to Cai Rang floating market, tourists will be surprised at selling style. The kinds of goods will be hanged on bamboo spray; it is called “cay beo”. For instance, if people sell pumpkins, they will hang one pumpkin on “cay beo”.

Therefore, salespeople don’t need to advertise goods by shouting as other markets on land and it’s easy for tourists seeing in distance. Coming to Western in general and Cai Rang in particular, tourists are unforgettable and really want come back to enjoy, experience and relive this special feeling.

Cai Rang floating market usually starts very early in the morning and finishes at about 8 or 9a.m. Tourists can come at about 7 or 8 in the morning because market is in the busiest and most crowded at this time. Market does not focus and has little activity on Lunar New Year (1st and 2nd days), Double Five festival (on 5th day of 5th lunar month).

Cai Be Floating Market (Tien Giang).

Established in 18th century, Cai Be floating market is the border of 3 provinces: Vinh Long, Ben Tre, and Tien Giang. This most long-standing market not only attracts tourists by crowded boats, it also attracts them by water-color painting with serial gardens, towns along the river looming in napa trees (water coconut trees) and cypresses.

There are many rich and copious produces from fruit, poultry, seafood, household commodities, and fabrics. If tourists want to buy gifts for relatives, they can choose sweet tangerines, coconut candies, or coconut soaps – a famous speciality of Cai Be. Tourists just go on a sightseeing tour of Cai Be floating market because it starts very early at 2 o’clock in the morning and finishes at 8 o’clock in the morning, therefore.

Phung Hiep Floating Market (Hau Giang)

Far away about 75 kilometers from Vi Thanh City, Hau Giang and about 30 kilometers from Can Tho City Center in the South, Phung Hiep floating market is on Phung Hiep seven corners – which gathers of 7 branches of river, it is also called Seven Corners Market.

The same as Cai Be and Cai Rang, Phung Hiep floating market also musters up hundred of boats and canoes which transport goods, specialities not only in region, it also transports produces to the Northern and in oversea markets.

Coming to Phung Hiep floating market, tourists can enjoy specialities of the Western and buy arts and crafts famous items of Hau Giang. The most special thing in Phung Hiep is snakes market with all kinds of different high-grade snake wine. Besides, it also has tortoises, turtles, geckos, iguanas, and so on.

Phung Hiep floating market is sure to make visitors pleased both in beautiful scenery and specific culture of Mekong Delta.

Long Xuyen Floating Market

Far away about 2 kilometers from city center, Long Xuyen floating market is not as famous as other floating markets, but tourists will recognize the generous attitude of hick people in the Southwest.

Long Xuyen floating market has a lot of kinds of farm products such as vegetables, melons, cabbages, squashes, potatoes, etc. and all kinds of fruit such as bananas, pomelos, oranges, tangerines, and so on. Besides, tourists can go to market during the day, do not have to take advantage of morning time like the other floating markets.

Coming to Long Xuyen floating market, tourists have experience of people’s daily lives on boats as well as enjoy the crowded atmosphere of boats in business. Tra On floating market - Vinh Long

Tra On Floating Market (Vinh Long)

Far away 250 meters from Tra On rivulet mouth, Tra On floating market is in lower section of Hau River with the length of 300 meters. Especially, market often opens according to the tide, if tide is rising, market is crowded.

Tra On floating market is the wholesale market. Specialities are distributed wholesale. Agricultural products are yams, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, bitter melons, and so on. Fruits include Tan Thanh thick-skinned oranges, Hoa Binh star apples, Luc Si Thanh durians.

One more special in Tra On floating market is coloring canoes selling with beautiful flowers. Coming to Tra On, tourists should not miss the speciality of this place, “ca chay” is processed in different ways which there is no any place can compare.

Coming to floating markets in the Southwest, tourists will have floaty feeling on canoes, mix with the crowded atmosphere of markets and enjoy specialities, all make tourists want to come back again.

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