How To Build A Camping Food List That Make Everyone Happy

Camping is such a great outdoor activity for family, friends, and colleagues to relax, get to know each other better and strengthen relationship. After hours full of exciting activities, a meal is really important to make a satisfying experience.

It is not an easy task to make a camping food list that feed everyone with deliciousness and joy. But it will get a lot simpler with some tips below.

How To Build A Camping Food List

How Many People Will Join The Camping

How Many People Will Join The Camping?

First of all, you have to know the number of people that will join the camping. This includes how many adults, how many children, and how many vegetarian or vegan, etc. The number of people from each group will decide what and how much food you need to prepare.

How Many Days Are The Camping?

The length of the camping is necessary to make the camping food list. You need to base on that to know how many breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to bring. You won’t want to leave anyone hungry during a camp.

Where Is The Camping Site?

Camping food list for different camping areas is different. Is it a mountainous site, a beach site, a festival camping, or just a place in town? For example, if it is a beach camping, you may want to prepare more cold drinks. For a festival camp, more snacks are better. Also, check what is available at the camping site so you plan what you need to bring along.

When is The Camping?

The time of the camping means the season and the weather of the camping. In summer, campers may prefer more cold drinks, and refreshing food. In winter, hot chocolate, coffee, and hot food are more suitable.

Make An Allergic List

This is important. Allergic reactions can be itchy skin, red dot, sneezing, or a headache that will go away soon. But they can also be severe symptoms including breathing difficulty or anaphylactic shock. So, it is better to keep people away from what may harm them.

Check The Camping Site Rules

Some camping sites forbid glasses or cans. Some sites don’t allow fire. You should check and follow the site rules to avoid any unwanted circumstances during the camping.

What Is The Best Food For A Camping Food List?

Build A Camping Food List
  • Non-perishable

Try to avoid perishable food as much as possible. If you need to bring perishable food, get some cooler boxes for them. For example, if you plan for a grill dinner with meat, refrigerate it well and keep in the cooler box.

  • Sturdy Enough

With some food, you will need to put in the food tub for better storage. So, make sure they are sturdy enough not to get squished.

  • Nutritious and Filling

Choose the food that is nourished and filling. Even if the camping is short, you still want to feed people enough nutrition and a full meal. You will be loved for that!

  • Energized

Camping usually go with outdoor activities which can be exhausting. After that, campers may want to be fed with something that give them more energy to continue enjoying the fun.

  • Light-weight

In case you have to walk, reduce heavy items to the minimum. It can be tiring carrying around food. Don’t let the tiredness spoil the joy of a camping before it even starts.

  • Drinks For Hydration

Don’t forget to plan the drinks. Walking, running, and playing sport can be dehydrating. It is important to supply enough water for the body.

Extra Tips For Prepare A Camping Food List

Check out below for some extra tips for a camping food list:

Build A Camping Food List
  • Categorize The Food

Categorize the food into different groups to. This will be easier for you when you go shopping for the camping food list. You can also use these categories for packing and checking.

  • Make A Check list

Make a check list for shopping day and packing day. You may have a really good memory but everything can happen. You don’t want to cook without spices, do you?

  • Check All The Expiry Date

Even the most meticulous person makes mistakes sometimes. Make sure to check all expiry date to avoid food poison. Have cooler boxes for drinks and chilled ingredients

  • Have Cooler Boxes For Drinks And Chilled Ingredients

Put your dinks, some vegetables, and chilled ingredients like meat, cheese, milk, butter, etc. in cooler boxes or portable refrigerator. This will help keep the flavor as well as the food safety of the food. Pack raw meat and raw ingredient separately, in serving portions

  • Pack Raw Meat And Raw Ingredient Separately, In Serving Portions

For raw ingredients, especially meat, pack them well and separately. Ideally, you should cut meat into serving portion to save serving time. Also, for chilled ingredients, try to cook right away after you take them out of the cooler. The outdoor temperature is ideal for bacteria. Preplan each meal for short camping

  • Preplan Each Meal For Short Camping

For short camping, you should preplan your meals, especially lunch and dinner. Then you can back meal by meal. This also saves time to plan each meal during the camping. Bring extra food for the unexpected

  • Bring Extra Food For The Unexpected

You will never know if there will be a sudden rain that forces you to change your planned meal. Or you are just in a mood for 1-2 more days. Or one of the member wants something else to eat. They all can happen. So, bring some extra food to make the camping as perfect as possible. But don’t bring too much!

Prepare A Camping Food List

Conclusion – Prepare A Camping Food List

Good preparation is the first step to ensure the success of anything. Food is an important factor of a happy and exciting camping. And if you are the person in charge, you will love to see people enjoy the food you prepare. I hope this post is helpful for you to make a camping food list for you next camping. Enjoy the fun and happiness that it brings to you!

Andrew D. Kahler

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