Growing Plants Indoors With Hydroponics In Grow Rooms Or Grow Tents

Hydroponics growing system becomes popular day by day. But many of us do not have proper knowledge on Hydroponic. In this article, all necessary things you should know about Hydroponic are discussed in details. So, keep reading to know about Hydroponic Growing.

Now, what is Hydroponics means? Hydroponics is a process of growing plants without using traditional dirt medium. More precisely, Hydroponics means growing plants without using soil. So what elements are used for Hydroponics?

Hydroponics growing used nutrient rich water and for medium used for Hydroponics is sand to fiberglass and from fired clay balls to nothing at all. There are several types of Hydroponics like Aeroponics, aqua Hydroponics etc.

Hydroponics is a great way to grow plants indoors. It’s a great way to plants variety of plants in a small space. In Hydroponic growing process plants are growing hydroponically. So the roots of the plants don’t have survives to serve nutrient to the plants. So, the root of plants remains small but the plants grow rapidly.

Why We Used Hydroponic:

Why We Used Hydroponic

Hydroponic growing provides you with lots of benefits. If you have not enough space and have limitation in resource Hydroponics is the best solution for you. You do not need a garden or large space of window box for growing plant with Hydroponic.

You can nurture your plants in extremely cramped conditions. You need just some bottles filled with necessary nutrient for start growing. You can easily observe the growth of plants and nutrition level of the water. So you can provide better nurture to your plants from your observation.

If you are using soil as medium it hard to keep track. Another benefit of using Hydroponic is if your plants infected you can easily catch that and treat them instantly. This ensures the proper growth of your plants.

What Elements are Used for of Hydroponic Gardening:

The benefits of Hydroponic gardening are described above. Now we will see what elements are necessary for hydroponic gardening. For providing right light, temperature, nutrition, pH levels, water we need to arrange our elements properly.

So, all necessary elements needed for hydroponic gardening given below. Light Light is the most essential elements for Hydroponic gardening. People used hydroponic gardening more often for in grow rooms or in grow tents.

The best solution for lighting is used LED grow lights. LED grow lights are fantastic for growing hydroponic gardening within a grow room or in a grow tents. You should keep in mind that, your light must be bright enough for photosynthesis of your plants and can trigger flowering and fruit production easily.

Water & Nutrients:

Water and Nutrients are two essential needs for plants growth. For Hydroponic gardening there are specific type fertilizer and water available. In hydroponic gardening plants are grown hydroponically so you have not worry about soil.

So, you have no needs to fertile your soil and for this your plant never infected with soil-borne disease. If you keep your plants alive and healthy you have to provide them continual supply of nutrient solution.

There are several methods available for providing nutrient to the plants. Some of handy methods are given below.

  • Passive Method:

The first method is Passive method. It is the simplest form for providing nutrient to the indoor plants. By using passive method you can easily measure when and how much nutrient is needed for your plants.

One of the best examples of passive method is wick method. In this method, trays which are filled with essential medium and plants are floated on top of the nutrient solution. And thus roots can easily consume exact nutrient. This method is used frequently and more popular than any other methods.

  • Flood and Drain method:

Another popular method is flood and drain method. Flood and drain method is also a easy method for providing nutrient to plants. As well as flood and drain method is more and more effective. Flood and drain method use a pump and reserve tank.


Pump provides the nutrient solutions and growing trays flooded with nutrient solution. Time to time nutrient solution reserve back to the nutrient tank and again pump flooded the trays and it continues. For flood and drain method you should keep I mind that, you should maintain proper level of nutrient solution and you have prevent pump from running dry.

  • Drip System methods:

The last one I show is Drip System Method. It is little bit complex compared to passive and flood and drain method. For drip system you need a pump as well as timer. Timer turn on the pump and pump dripped some nutrient solution onto individual plant.

There two types of drip system available. First one is recovery and another one is non-recovery. Recovery system is more popular because it can collect the excess runoff.


Besides these three methods there are also some methods available. Besides these three another two methods are used frequently. First method is Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) and second done is aeroponic method.

Nutrient Film Technique is similar to drip system but this method have no timer. So Nutrient Film Technique provides continual flow. The aeroponic method is also used widely.


Hydroponic gardening allows gardener or growers with variety of mediums. Most growers use gravel or sand as medium of their plants.

  • Temperature, Humidity & pH Levels

The three elements which are equally important for plants are temperature, humidity and pH level. If you are a beginner don’t panic. There are lots of hydroponic gardening kits available in the market for beginners to get started.

You have to provide enough amount of humidity based on your plants and suitable temperature for best result. Room temperature is standard for hydroponic gardening. Humidity level should be around 50-70 percent for best result.

The most important and essential element which is extremely needed for hydroponic gardening is pH level. You have to check the pH level on regular basis. The perfect pH level for hydroponic plants should be maintain between 5.8 to 6.3.

Another key aspect of hydroponic gardening is you have provide proper ventilation for proper growth of your plants.


That’s end for today. By using hydroponic gardening you can grow nearly everything with your limited resource and space. Hydroponic is the best solution for growing plants in grow house or in grow tents. So, start your journey with Hydroponic and share your experience with us.

Andrew D. Kahler

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