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One of the best things about camping trips is the food. Instead of buying premade meals or making the food at home beforehand, you should get a good camping gas stove and cook your meals at the campsite. Indeed, outdoor cooking is both fun and rewarding and you will no doubt enjoy your meals better too. Just like normal gas stove, camping gas stoves are designed to make outdoor cooking as simple as possible.

They are really convenient for camping trips and there are various models to choose from. If you want something small and lightweight, you should choose those portable gas stoves which are small and light enough to fit into a backpack.

If you want a more complete outdoor cooking system, you should choose models that come with at least 2 burners. Indeed, depending on your cooking needs, if you plan to prepare meal for several people, you will definitely be better off with larger camping gas stoves as they usually have two to four burners so that you can cook more food at the same time and thus reduce the waiting time.

For example, if your gas stove has 2 burners, you can use one burner to boil the water while the other one for heating up the food. Depending on which model you're using, usually it is the simple but sturdy model that is going to be maintenance and repair free.

Some of the newer models on the other hand are capable of producing an immediate high output of heat. Nevertheless, it is important that you choose a camping gas stove that is easy to use. Preferably one that allows you to adjust the intensity of the flame just by turn the heat level knob to the right flame; just as how you would do with a normal household gas stove.

Before you can use a camping gas stove, you need to buy the butane gas cartridges or propane gas tanks first as they are usually not included. Unlike normal household cooking gas tanks, they are usually not refillable and slightly more expensive.

Nevertheless, they are not as bulky as the cooking gas tanks at home. It is a good idea to bring a few extra butane fuel canisters or gas tanks with you just in case you ran out of gas. Another thing that you should keep in mind when using these gas canisters is that you make sure to dispose the empty ones properly so that they will not cause any environmental issues.

The best way to decide which camping gas stove you should buy is to choose the one that can burn clean and without any smell. Make sure that you can carry it easily in a carry case so that you won't have any trouble packing it later. For larger models, make sure the legs are foldable and that there is a built-in carrying handle.

Some of the more expensive and larger models have a removable wind guard or windshield which can help protect the flames from blowing off while you're cooking. If you want a model that is easy to clean, get a gas stove that has chrome plated cooking surface.

To get consistent heat in your cooking, you need to get a camping gas stove with regulated pressure which can give you consistent heat regardless of the fuel level and altitude. Also make sure that you read the safety precautions and instructions on proper placement. For extra safety, get a model that has a built-in auto-safety shut off and safety governor system.

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How to Choose the Best Camping Stove

  • Number of Burners

Camping stoves commonly come with one, two, and three burners. In general, the more burners, the more cooking room. One burner stoves are typically for a group of 1-3 members, two for 4-7, and three for 8-11.

Besides, this factor depends on how many dishes you cook at the same time. For example, you cannot boil water and fry eggs in just one burner, so the choice should be two.

  • Types of Fuels

Gas and liquid are the two most popular fuels among portable stoves. Gas comes with two sub-kinds: Propane and Isobutane. They’re both easy to use but don’t work well in cold environments. To avoid this elevation problem liquid fuel is the best solution, but its disadvantage is quite heavy compared to other choices.

  • BTU and Boil

Time BTU (British Thermal Unit) is the quantity expressing the amount of heat per hour that a stove can produce. In this Best Camping Stove Review, our list has the B TU ranging from 15,000 to 65,000. Fundamentally, the BTU is directly proportion to the boil time. If you cook with big pots or pans, you may need more power, which leads to more BTU.

  • Windscreen

For some people, they don’t pay much attention to this factor since you can create their own wind resistance. However, in my opinion, this factor is worth to invest since it can make a giant difference in cooking quality. Especially, if you live or camp in windy conditions, you’re recommended to invest in a stove having a windscreen. Remember the bigger size, the better protection.

  • Fuel Capacity

This factor depends on how long your trip will last. More days equals to more fuel. For longer camping with canister fuel, you may need multiple bottles, which gives you the greater amount of fuel, but at the same time, this adds more weight in your backpack. Since gas and liquid require the need of fuel capacity, you can get rid of it by using alternative fuel sources like wood.

  • Price

This is, of course, crucial. Camping stoves come with a broad range of price. It could be cheap; it could be expensive, but you’re not difficult to find a product fitting your pocket. In general, the better stove often has the higher price since it’s often more durable, more efficient, or includes bonus features.


I'm going to stop this Best Camping Stove Review. Hopefully, it offers you a good reference so that you have enough knowledge before buying a stove. Thank you so much for visiting our website and reading my post. Have a good day! Bye!

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