3 Easy Ways To Get From Budapest To Zagreb

Budapest and Zagreb are roughly only 345 km apart, but although the distance is insignificant, the difference in architecture and culture couldn’t be further apart.Budapest is a massive lively capital with enormous buildings and an age old splendour that reminds you of forgotten imperial times. Zagreb on the other hand is a small city that doesn’t breathe the pretentious air that most capitals do.

For these reasons alone, skipping a trip between Budapest and Zagreb is a really bad choice. So… read on and let me help you choose the perfect means of transportation:

By Train

There is a daily direct route between Budapest and Zagreb. Tickets can be booked online on the website of the Hungarian Railways, but they must be collected in the train station. A ticket will set you back about 29 euro.

Looking at the timetable there are two direct trains:

Departure time Departure station Travel time Arrival time
06:05 Budapest-Déli 6:42 12:47
14:45 Budapest-Keleti 5:59 20:44

Attention: The 14:45 train that leaves from Budapest-keleti requires you to changetrains due construction work. You will have to get off in Dombóvár. A bus will be waiting to transfer you to Kiskorpád where another train will be ready to resume the trip to Zagreb. It is unclear how long these roadworks will last.


By Bus

As far as I know there is only one bus company that drives directly from Budapest to Zagreb and that is Orangeways. During the summer months a bus leaves every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. All the other months it’s only Friday and Sunday. The bus always leaves at 6:00, so get up early! It takes approximately 5:30m and you will arrive around 11:30 in Zagreb. Tickets cost 18 euro and can be booked online at the Orangeways website.

By Private Shuttle

This may seem a little over the top, but this kind of service isn’t necessarily a bad option. Primarily focussed on people travelling in group, booking a private shuttle can be a cheap and fast (travel time is between 3 – 4 hours) option.

There a numerous companies that offer shuttle services some more shady than the other. Here is a shortlist of two reliable companies:

  • Transfer Budapest Hungary – One of the rides that they offer is a van that sits 8 people for 450 euro one way. That’s only 56,25 euro per person.
  • Premium At – They offer amongst other options a private taxi that sits 3 people for 279 euro or 93 euro per person.

Let me know in the comments if you used any of these services or discovered new companies that operate a route between Budapest and Zagreb.

Andrew D. Kahler

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